Reading Together will revolutionise the learn-to-read journey for all involved parties:


Improved Processes

Smartphone app and web portal work hand in hand to collect invaluable long term reading data.

Teachers can view all reading at the click of a button, allowing more time to be spent with the students that need it.

Reading Together is designed to work with Accelerated Reader and all other reading programmes.


Increased Parental Engagement

Easy-to-use app replaces current antiquated methods of recording reading, making the whole process simpler.

Handy guides enable parents/guardians to support their children in learning to read.

Reading log allows parents to access milestones and statistics, as well as any awards given by the school in relation to reading.

Push notifications and app tracking allow schools to see which students are being read with at home.


Targeted Intervention

All key reading statistics for your school will be available in one place, including those who are performing below national average as well as your bottom 20%.

The secure platform ensures no data is ever lost, meaning you can implement initiatives for those who really need it and track outcomes with ease.


Saved Time and Money

Reading Together replaces traditional processes that are time consuming, ineffective and expensive.

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