Parental Help Centre and FAQs

We get asked many different questions, so here are a few common ones with answers:

Q: What is Reading Together?

Reading Together is a parental smartphone app and teacher web portal designed to revolutionise the learn-to-read process.

Q: Is Reading Together available to anyone?

The app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play store, however you will only be able to register if your child’s school has paid for a licence.

Q: Is Reading Together free to use?

Yes. The smartphone app is free to download and contains no in-app purchases. 

Q: I’ve downloaded Reading Together but am having problems logging in. Who should I contact?

Please email [email protected] giving details of your issues. Please note we respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Q: What are the benefits of Reading Together?

There are many benefits to using the Reading Together platform. See the features and benefits pages for more information.

Q: Are you on social media? 

Yes. You can follow us on Twitter, @RTPlatformUK. We encourage you to tweet us pictures of your remarkable reading stories using #readingtogether. We run a half termly book giveaway for the best image. 

Q: How much should we be Reading Together? 

There is no definite answer here and we appreciate that everyone's lifestyles are different. Your school will be able to advise you or their individual expectations, however we recommend reading with your child at least five nights a week. This should always include them reading to you, and if possible you reading to them. 

Q: I’d like my child’s school to use Reading Together. How do I make that happen?

Feel free to recommend our programme to teachers at your child’s school. They can use the form below to submit an enquiry. Alternatively email [email protected] with details and we will contact them directly.

Q: How do I engage a reluctant reader?

This is an age old question. Your school will be able to offer more personalised pointers, but there are many hints and tips on how to best assist your young ones and increase the profile of literacy at home as part of our guides section of the app.

Q: Where is Reading Together based?

We are based in Hampshire, UK, with an office in London. 

Q: How do I contact the Reading Together team? 

You can contact us using the form below, or by emailing [email protected]. Please note we respond to all emails within 24 hours.